The Dance Factory proudly offers discounts to families with multiple dance students.


Registration fee-

$25 for the first child and $15 for each additional child for returning students

$35/$15 for new students.


Child/Children only take ONE class each week:

First Hour of Class - $55

2 Children - +$45

3 Children - +$40 per child

4 Children or more - +$35 per child


(Example: 2 Children/1 hour each per week - $55 + $45 = $100 Per Month)



Child/Children take MULTIPLE classes each week:

First Hour of Class - $55

1 Child - +$35 for each additional hour

2 Children - +$30 for each additional hour

3 Children - +$25 for each additional hour

4 Children or more - +$20 for each additional hour


(Example: 3 Children/8 hours total per week - $55 + (7 x $25) = $230 Per Month)

($5 will be added for each quarter hour of class that exceeds the hour mark.)



A Tuition rate of $165 per month is set for students wishing to register for unlimited dance classes.

Please inquire if you have more than one child interested in an unlimited class schedule.






LFDF does not mail out information packets and/or billing statements therefore it is imperative that you check your online portal or check in with our office staff often. Parents are also responsible for the information that is posted at the studio (on the NEWS board or near the office window). We will update the studio Facebook page often especially in the event of a class change, master class or class cancellation so please follow/like our page if you have yet to do so.

We also have Instagram. @LorenFenertysDanceFactory


Additional Fees


All Costume, Recital and Photography fees are in addition to monthly tuition.

You may begin making payments towards these fees at any time with the studio office staff.

(Additional information listed under Recital and Costume information)


Recital Costume Fees:

Deposit - $60 per costume – Due in November

Costume Balances will be posted in May/June


Recital Participation Fees:

1 Child - $120

2 Children - $175

3 or More Children - +$30 per child



All Photography Fees are set by and paid directly to our Photographer.

In addition to photography and recital fees, there will also be a mandatory $75 per photo charge for each Child/Family to appear on a quarter page in the front of our recital program.

This fee is waived if a $300+ in ads are sold for our ad contest. Information will be in our Cover Girl/Boy packet. An email will be sent as soon as these packets are available at the studio.



Payment Information


We are very excited to announce that we now offer an online payment system. This system will give you full access to your studio account/class schedules. Using this online portal, you will be able to log in and make payments to your account with your VISA or MASTERCARD. You may still make payments via cash or check at the studio. ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY THE 10TH OF EACH MONTH. All credit card payments are processed by a payment processing company that is both verified and secure. Please, see the enclosed paperwork as to how to access and activate your online portal as it will be a vital part of your LFDF billing. We will NOT auto-withdraw payments from your accounts. We do not issue refunds.


  1. *There will be a compounding $10 per month late fee for any balance that goes unpaid. All accounts must have a zero balance at two points throughout the year, December 31 & June 10.

  2. *Any fees owed after June 10 must be paid in cash or by cashier's check/money order.


* All Returned checks will be subject to a $30 fee and must be made good IN CASH within 72 hours of the check being returned.


A 10% Discount will be given to families who pay their tuition IN FULL upon registration.

This discount is for TUITION ONLY. All recital fees, costume fees, competition fees etc. will still be due on the appropriate dates and must be paid in full.


Additional fees will apply for DFPE Competition Team Members