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Recital and Rehearsal Dates


Our annual recital and recital rehearsal will be held in late June.

at the Lafon Center in Luling, LA.


Recital and Costume Information


An annual recital performance will be held at the end of each dance year in late June. Each class will be featured in the production and will require a costume for each dance they participate in. Costumes will be chosen by the instructors and will be ordered in a timely manner to ensure a suitable arrival for photos and any additional decorations. Please note that:


  1. •We order costumes from companies that mass produce these items on an assembly line. They are not custom made for each child. Despite measurements, sometimes sizing may vary. DF will not be responsible for alterations.

  2. •Because we do not have an in house seamstress and because many parents prefer to have things tailored themselves, please feel free to have your child’s costume adjusted to fit them how you like if you feel this is necessary. (Costume deposits and balances only cover the costume and accessories, alterations are the responsibility of the parent.)

  3. •Please also keep in mind while we do try our best to keep the costs as minimal as possible that the prices of costumes do vary based on the fabrics, sizes, etc. We will be posting a costume balance once we have all fees added for the accessories and decorations. Your deposit is strictly for the cost (or the majority of the cost) of the costume.


Costume Deposits will be due in NOVEMBER (no exceptions) and balances will be posted to your account in the spring. The balance total will include all decorations and accessories. Please note that we MAY have to paint your child’s dance shoes to match their costume for the recital and the Tap shoe style used for the Opening Production is always TBD until the costume has been chosen.


Recital fees help cover the cost of theatre rental, scenery and lighting costs, sound equipment rental, music recording, props, union labor fees at the theatre, etc. Recital fees also include an award for completing the year of dance and a recital T-shirt for each student. Shirt sizes will be determined by LFDF. Additional shirts will be available for family to purchase. Forms will be given out in May/June.


*All recital and costume fees are in addition to your monthly tuition.





Recital Programs, Tickets & DVDs


There will be order forms available in May/June for all of the items listed below:

-Reserved Recital Seating

-Recital Program Pre-Order- You will not be guaranteed a book unless it is pre ordered.

-Recital DVD– Professional quality DVD of the entire show

-Additional Recital T-Shirts for family





Cover Girl/Boy Contest


This contest is our largest fund raiser of the year with all of the proceeds going toward the dance recital and the printing of our annual recital program. The winner of this contest will not only be featured on the front cover of the recital program, they will also receive a solo performance, receive a custom costume*, and many other surprises!


If you are running for Cover Girl/Boy, it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERITIVE that you keep this confidential until the day of the ad contest. If you discuss this at the studio, it may discourage other students from running and this causes us to have a less successful ad contest. Every student is encouraged to participate in the ad contest.


The AD contest will conclude PROMPTLY at the time and date printed in the Ad Packet. Informational packets including rules, regulations, instructions and ad forms will be available at the studio in December.


Recital seating is limited per student. The more ads you sell for the ad contest, the more seating options you will have. We strongly recommend participating in this ad contest. Remaining seats will be offered at ticket day once all families have been seated.

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